Since 1992

We are known for our outstanding customer service, fast service and the quality of the tarps and netting we offer.

A flawless logistics management, a distinctive and varied offer and a proud team, motivated to impress each customer, are the foundations of our growth!

There is no project too big for Megatex, whether it's a convention center divider curtain, MTQ approved tarps for transportation, construction site protective netting, food plant cart covers or 40,000 square feet of waterproof/waterproof tarps to cover sugar and salt piles in various ports across the country, we can custom manufacture for your projects!

Megatex helps companies protect their assets, the environment and people!

We don't just make tarpaulins, we protect raw sugar and salt from the weather in the ports, we cover scaffolding and make it into temporary shelters, we prevent contaminated soil or water from spreading, we prevent volatile materials transported in dump trucks from flying away.

Why Megatex ?


Simplify the protection of your equipment, products and profits by providing you with proactive, expert advice and an accessible range of fabrics and nets, perfectly adapted to your reality.


To be recognized by customers and the industry as a model of one-stop-shop netting solutions, offering a human, agile and hassle-free experience.

Our values


We are dedicated to providing excellent quality products in a time frame that exceeds expectations.

- Gabriel

Our commitment pushes us to surpass ourselves every day and is a source of motivation for every member of the team.

- Olivier


We are constantly striving to improve in every facet of our business. With boldness and imagination, we challenge preconceived notions, improve our techniques, find and design new products to surpass ourselves in our field.

- Gabriel and Myriam


We encourage each team member to use their strengths, share their expertise and talents for the benefit of the team and the clients. Teamwork stimulates innovation, increases productivity and knowledge sharing.

- Deland

We never hesitate to collaborate with customers and suppliers to find the best solution.


We promote a work environment that leaves room for self-organization and empowerment, we encourage initiative and freedom of action while remaining supportive of each individual, to allow everyone to develop and gain confidence.

Our relationships with our customers and suppliers are based on mutual trust.