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  • Ballast bag
  • Dry material protection sheet
  • Tarps for salt storage

For more than 15 years, Mégatex has built up solid expertise in the manufacture of large-scale waterproof fabrics. Our products are designed to effectively protect dry materials stored outdoors, such as salt, raw sugar, grains or any material sensitive to water or at risk of releasing VOCs harmful to the environment.

Our team strives to find solutions, meet your deadline constraints, customize our products to your requirements, and allow you to devote your time to your operations with complete satisfaction. At Megatex, we believe that simplicity is the key to success, and we work tirelessly to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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High density polyethylene 12 mil

Ideal for: Covering dry materials, food products and waste.

Sold by 12' roll


Extruded polyethylene geomembrane, laminated with 6 mil reinforcement

Ideal for: Covering dry and waste materials

Sold by the yard in 40' and 60' widths or in 40'x120' rolls