Applications industrial

Safety net for conveyor belt

Based on our customers' drawings and specifications, we manufacture protective nets for conveyors in factories and mines around the world. 

Photo credits : Enduride

Applications agricultural

  • PVC fabric for grain chute
  • Fabric for grain transport
  • Tarp for fertilizer spreader
  • PVC fabric Fliptop

Applications commercial

  • Sport nets (baseball, golf) (can be used to make protective nets for birds, ...)
  • Cover or protective canvas for display

Applications Naval

  • Container / ship liner for grain transport
  • Tarps for a ship's hold for maritime transport of grain
  • Waterproof protective cover for equipment

We manufacture the custom-made protection tarp you need!

With our different materials and our expertise in designing custom tarps and nets, our team can manufacture the tarp you need for all sectors: agricultural, industrial, construction, etc.

Not sure of the ideal material, size and specifications for your intended use?

Contact us and a member of our team will be happy to advise you.

With our wide range of products, we certainly have the solution for you!

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Baseball net

Nylon 3mm

Net L 47

Polyester net


High density polyethylene 12 mil

Ideal for: interior curtain (FR)

PVC mesh 3/8 x 3/8''.

PVC coated woven polyester

Poly 10HUV

Extruded and laminated polyethylene with 10 mil reinforcement

Ideal for: retractable farm tarps

Poly 1455 FR

12 mil high density polyethylene with FR treatment

Also sold by the roll